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Six-year-old boy's body found without torso: Residents protest, demand justice in case

Gurugram: Investigations are being carried out by the law enforcement officials after horrific details emerged following the discovery of body of the six-year-old boy in the forest of Aravallis on Tuesday. Three days after the crime took place, hundreds of Gurugram residents took out protest march against the slow pace of the investigation by the Gurugrm police. The angry residents highlighted how slow investigation could lead to the guilty involved in the case

getting away.

In a gruesome incident, the mutilated body of a six-year-old was found behind Le Meridien hotel on Gurugram-Faridabad Highway on Tuesday. The police initially suspected that an animal could have killed the boy. However, after an investigation and the study of the injury patterns on the boy's body, the police came to the conclusion that the boy could have been murdered. The boy went missing on March 1 and his body was found the other day on March 2.

"His skull bones were found broken which means he was hit by some sharp, heavy weapon. We cannot say anything more. There is no neck to investigate gagging or torso to investigate sexual crimes. His skull also did not have skin tissue and there were many cuts or animal bite marks on his legs. We have reserved samples for a DNA test The cause of death will be clear after other tests and further police investigation," Dr Deepak Mathur, the forensic expert who conducted the post-mortem said.

The police also said that nose, eyes, ears and skin tissue were missing. The cops are investigating the possibility of acid being used to dissolve the missing tissue from the body.

According to the boy's family, he was last seen on Monday afternoon with two friends, including the 12-year-old suspect. Along with the recent discoveries of the cause of death, the Child Welfare Committee is questioning a 12-year-old boy.

"We never had enough money to buy chocolates or biscuits for our children and this is the reason I have lost my son. I am the sole breadwinner and my wife is a cancer patient. It is difficult to make both ends meet," the boy's father said.

The murdered boy had two younger sisters aged eight months and two years, and their mother is undergoing treatment at a government hospital.

"None of our children had been enrolled in a school," said the father, adding that the boy, at times, used to go and sit in a makeshift school in the area.

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