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Six dengue cases reported in Gurugram

Six dengue cases reported in Gurugram
Residents of Gurugram seems to be in the grip of diseases of all forms whether it is vector, water or air borne diseases.
Already grappling with large number of diahorrea cases, there has been a sudden surge of confirmed dengue cases and a large number of suspected swine flu cases that are coming to fore.
There are already large numbers of suspected dengue cases that are being reported from the district.
However, there is now a surge in confirmed cases in dengue with six cases being reported from the district this week.
Even though the private hospital in the city claims that the number of dengue cases is much larger than being reported, the District Health Department highlight that most of the fever during this season is mentioned as dengue that causes panic among the citizens.
The recent incidents of swine flu cases being reported from Gurugram has now become a major health challenge for public officials.
Recently, two cases of swine flu were confirmed from the district after a gap of almost two years.
Among the patients who were diagnosed with the flu involved a 7-month-old infant. There has been a huge increase the number of cases suspected swine flu infection.
Not only Gurugram but also other major districts of Haryana are also facing a major difficulty in tackling with the swine flu challenge.
According to medical experts, swine flu that is considered to be highly contagious can also lead to death in certain situations.
"After a long time the swine flu infection has again started affecting the residents of Gurugram," said Dr BK Rajora, Chief Medical Officer Civil Hospital, Gurugram.
"People must not panic and should wash their hands regularly so that the infection does not spread. People must avoid consuming contaminated food and water and they must use handkerchief before sneezing," he added.
There are also a large number of residents who are getting affected by water borne diseases of diahorrea and typhoid as over 100 patients on an average visit the government hospital daily citing symptoms of diahorrea.
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