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Sisodia slams BJP for opposing free rides for women, takes feedback from people

NEW DELHI: Deputy CM Manish Sisodia on Tuesday alleged that the BJP is against the Delhi government's decision to make rides for women free. Thereafter, the Deputy Chief Minister travelled in DTC buses to get people's feedback on the matter. "After we took the decision of making metro and DTC buses free for women, we got lots of positive response but the BJP is against the scheme. I want to ask BJP what is the problem," said the Deputy CM.

Then, the Deputy CM decided to meet the people and get direct feedback from them. "Last time, residents of Delhi chose seven MPs of BJP and this time they did the same but the BJP has not worked for the betterment of people of Delhi," he said. He travelled in various DTC buses across the city and talked to passengers.

"I spoke with more than 50 women & many men in DTC buses to understand what they feel about #FreeMetroForWomen? Not even one citizen said that it's a bad idea. On the contrary, everybody said public transport is more secure for women & it would save them Rs 2,000-3,000 per month," he tweeted.

While talking to the Deputy CM, Garima Singh, a passenger said, "It is a very welcoming step for the women like me who are from lower or lower middle-class families. This will help me to save money and also my daughter can save money." Another passenger Shivam Raaj said, "I never thought government can bring a step like this. I have two daughters who can now travel free. Every day they go to Noida from Rohini to their college and they take metro. After the revised fair, it is really difficult for us to manage. I expect that the government should implement the plan soon so that our life becomes easier.

The Deputy CM started his feedback journey from IP Estate bus stop and moved around central Delhi. Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal said on Monday his government plans to make metro and bus travel free for women in the capital. The proposal will be implemented in two or three months, he said.

According to an FAQ shared by the Delhi government, the decision is aimed at ensuring the safety of women. "As of now only 33 percent of Metro commuters are women. The fare hike last year hit women the worst, forcing them to shift to more unsafe modes of transport like private buses, ride-sharing, or even walking. This move will help them return to the Metro's safety. More women in any public spaces automatically make those spaces safer for women. This move will help women reclaim public spaces," it said.

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