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Sickening video goes viral as woman criticises girls for wearing short outfit, says they 'deserve rape'

Gurugram: There was a high drama in a Gurugram mall on Tuesday evening when a middle-aged woman was accused of harassing a group of six girls at a restaurant in Gurugram over their dress choice.

A video which has gone viral on social media, where the woman asked seven men at the restaurant to rape the six girls as they were wearing short dresses. The incident took place at Nukkadwala restaurant on Sohna road.

The group accosted the woman at a nearby store and demanded an apology. After the girls started following her, the woman asked the staff to call the police. The woman refused to apologise and told the girl filming the video to "go to hell".

After a while, another woman visiting the store stood up for the girls and asked the woman to apologise. Yet another woman present there said it is women like her who encouraged males to nurture a patriarchal mentality.

The woman looked into the phone cameras of the girls and said, "These women want to wear short dresses just to encourage others to see them."

"The woman also asked the parents of the girls to "control them". The woman also dared the girls to circulate the video.

One of the girls Shivani Gupta posted the video that went viral on social media where the woman received an immense backlash.

"This middle-aged woman you'll see in the video addressed seven men at the restaurant to rape us because she felt we deserved it for wearing short clothes and bashing her unsolicited opinion. Our instinct was to turn away from the drama but supported by our colleagues, we took her on at a shopping centre, nearby. We gave her the chance to apologise, to no avail, of course. Nothing moved the needle for her, not even another woman who learned the story on the spot and implored her to apologise," said Gupta in her post.

There have been various incidents in the past in Gurugram where on the pretext of their dressing choice women in the city have been even subjected to taunts and even molestation.

In 2017, two women who had gone to buy liquor for themselves at a vending unit in MG road were molested by men in the area.

"The incident should raise concerns that even in the upscale areas the orthodox mindset even among the women continues. It is the defensive outlook of the women that gives the liberty to men to harass women and still get out of it," said Shalini Sachdeva, a city resident

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