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Selfie obsession of mobile snatcher lands him in police net

NEW DELHI: You normally lose hope when your mobile is snatched and it requires great luck if you recover it. However, sometimes luck and sometimes technology ignorance of the criminal comes as a boon to the victim.
When Sangeta Agrawal's mobile was snatched by a snacter in a bus near Daryaganj on November 2, she thought that she wont be able to find it again. However, when she reached her hsoue and opened her laptap she was surprised to see an unkown selfie in her gmail where she has linked her smartphone. The timing of the snap was afer the snatcing incident. Sangeeta, a school teacher by profession took no time in realising that it was the technology ignorant snatcher who was clicking his photographs with her mobile.
She soon approached the police and showed them the photographs. The cops then distributed the photographs to their beat staff. "The snatcher coincidently clicked his selfies and since the complainant's mobile was linked with Goolge she got his pics. We showed the pics to the beat constables and soon we narrowed down on the area of the accused," said DCP central MS Randhawa.
The police team then reached the landmark shown in the location of the photograph and showed the photos to the locals in the area. He was immediately identified by the locals.
After getting the name and address of the accused Police then formed a team and raided the house of the accused. "We recovered the mobile from the house however, the accused managed to flee. We are trying to arrest him, said the officer.
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