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Security beefed up at Bhondsi Jail for Ryan accused Ashok

Gurugram: Ashok Kumar, the main accused in the murder of 7-year-old student has been sent to Bhondsi jail and the main challenge for the law enforcement officials is not only to gather reliable evidences but to also ensure his security within the premises.
At a time where there have been a host of illegal activities that have been exposed in the district jail, questions over safety have been raised as the case has drawn huge outflow of emotions.
Coincidentally, on September 8 when the 42-year-old was arrested, there was violent scuffle inside the prison between the police officials and the inmates resulting in severe injuries to people on both sides. Though not reported widely, violence inside the district jail seems to a periodic affair.
There have been various instances where unholy nexus between the police officials and criminals within the jail premises. In one such incident, the dreaded gangsters Manjeet Mahal and Binder Gurjar were found guilty of making an extortion of delivery of a luxury sedan from a fellow inmate inside the jail. There was also a police official who was arrested for supplying drugs to the prisoners.
Continuous raids by the top police officials have not prevented the dreaded criminals using the cell phones within the jail.
Most of the members from these gangs locked up inside the jail have been charged under serious offences like extortion, burglaries and murders.
Not only in Gurugram but criminals of these gangs also have various cases filed in states of Haryana, Rajasthan Uttarakhand and Delhi.
"The DSP will be in charge of the security of Ashok and we are sure that he will be protected from those who wish to harm him," said a senior police official from Gurugram police.
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