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'Secret cavity' in vehicles now used for smuggling drugs

New Delhi: Especially crafted secret sections or cavity inside a car or a truck is the new modus operandi used to conceal a consignment of drugs from the eyes of the investigators.

Criminals are now widely using designer trucks which have secret chambers to hide the consignment of drugs. Only a solid intelligence network busts the plan of the drug cartel, else it passes naked eyes of unsuspecting cops of various states.

When Crime branch DCP Ram Gopal Naik team stopped a truck coming from Andhra Pradesh it had information that the truck is loaded with 510 kilograms of marijuana.

A closer look at the truck inside revealed a secret cavity which had 17 sacks of marijuana. The accused Sube Singh and Deepak were booked under NDPS Act.

The same modus operandi was used by the accused caught by Special cell in Delhi.The heroin was also concealed in the similarly crafted cavity in a car's rear seats.

The cavity was so meticulously designed to go unnoticed by any investigator. However, human intelligence brought the accused to book.

Earlier, in a similar modus operandi, South East Delhi police has arrested two narcotics smugglers identified as Rajkumar and Kanhaiya Lal and seized a Tata Container truck having a built in secret chamber and recovered 205.100 Kgs of Marijuana (Ganja).

The secret chamber in the truck has an iron wall erected between the driver's cabin and the container of the truck.

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