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School reportedly denies admission to girl suffering from Alopecia

The rule of compulsory education stood inconsequential after a girl was allegedly denied admission in a private school in East Delhi owing to her disease, Alopecia.

The girl's family alleged that their ward was denied admission in class 9 by the school administration as she had 'NO HAIR' on her head.

When the family went to the school management to complete their ward's admission formalities, they were refused by the school manager, said both girl and her mother. Apparently, the manager had bluntly refused the admission stating that other children might mock the 'bald' girl.

"I am shocked when he told us that we can't take admission because my child is bald. He said other students might make fun of the girl and the school might face a disciplinary issue. This is ridiculous," said her mother Sailesh Gupta.

Anshita has been suffering from severe Alopecia (baldness) from the age of two and is undergoing treatment for the same.

On being turned down by the school authorities, Anshita was inconsolable and could not hold back her tears in front of the school manager. Earlier, she was studying in Bharat Bharti School in Kondli but had to shift since her school only taught only till standard 8.

"Is it my fault that I am bald and I am suffering from Alopecia? How can they deny me admission? I am quite depressed by the attitude of the school. I have not been able to eat since they refused me admission," cried Anshita.

She resides in Kondli with her family and her father works as a transporter.

"If every school refuses admission to my daughter how will she study? The government emphasise so much on girl education but see what is happening," said her father Vipul Gupta.

Millennium Post tried to contact the school management but was unable to. The school guards who answered the landline phone stated that they did not have the manager's contact .
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