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SBI credit card salesmen at Metro Stations irk commuters

SBI credit card salesmen at Metro Stations irk commuters

New Delhi: As you walk down the AIIMS Metro station to board a train, you would be stopped by at least 4-5 salesmen who would try to lure you into buying SBI credit card at the kiosk set up in the passage leading to the platform. This idea of selling credit cards at Metro stations is not going too well with most of the commuters spoke to Millennium Post. Many say it's irritating when you are stopped in the middle of the way by a salesman.

Amit who often travels from AIIMS said that this has become a daily routine where the salesmen stop and try to persuade one to get a credit card. "What's the point in stopping people who are already in hurry, sometimes it irritates me. We are already fed up with the telephonic calls trying to sell us different credit cards. At metro stations, this becomes too annoying," he said.

The salesmen try to follow you to some distance while explaining the benefits of the credit cards and various schemes, most of the commuters try to pass through them who stand on either side of the passage. The salesman moves to the next person once they followed decides against giving it serious thought. "It's pure inconvenience, they would have been given permission to sell the credit cards here at the metro stations but I felt a bit awkward, why at Metro? Why stop people. I know these salesmen would be having targets but it's annoying," said another commuter.

The SBI kiosks are opened at various Delhi metro stations where the salesmen are seen convincing commuters to get credit cards. "The scheme might be helpful to someone who needs a credit card, but some who don't want one, and even don't want to be stopped midway to the platform deserves some peace at least at the metro station," said a commuter.

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