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Save UP CM if you can: Threat call to Delhi Police HQ

New Delhi: Security went into a tizzy when Delhi Police control room got a threat call from an unidentified number on Thursday afternoon where a caller claimed a threat to the life of Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath.
Police sources claimed that they have launched the investigation in the case. The police source said that the caller had done a proper ground work to evade the arrest as the person used VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol ) and accessed the Delhi Police control room number to make the call.
Highly placed sources in Delhi Police told Millennium Post that at 3:10 pm on Thursday, a call was made to the police control room at headquarters located in central Delhi's ITO area. The caller alleged that "Save Yogi Adityanath before 4 pm if you can" after which the caller cut the call.
A message was flashed to all the concerned department of Delhi Police and police started investigating the case.
"We transferred the call details to Uttar Pradesh Police control room in Lucknow and all the facts were shared with them," said a police source.
Police sources further said that the call lasted for few seconds and a search of caller identification (CLI) was made. The caller cut the call when the operator had written half of the number. After scanning the details, police was able to get the number and from which they came to know that the number starts with five and it was a six digit number.
"We have started our investigation and the case will be probed from all possible angles," said a senior police official.
Sources further told this newspaper that the caller number which they had got from after scanning Caller Identification (CLI) can be of a mobile application having VoIP.
The caller have a knowledge of technology as instead of dialing 100, the miscreant somehow managed to get the number of Delhi Police control room which othewise cannot be accessed easily.
"We do not share control room number due to a security reason," said a senior police official.
Police sources said that the server used in the whole incident can be of different country.
In many of the threat calls, most of the accused are found drunken and in a day around five to six threat calls are received by police which is being investigated, sources said.
"Earlier we used to get 10 to 12 such calls everyday but with due to proper policing we have seen a decrease in such calls," said a senior police official.
According to Delhi Police data, they have received 30 bomb threat calls from 2015 till August 17, 2017.
In the year 2015, the calls were 14, in 2016 around 12 and in the current year, four such calls have been received.
"The reason behind the decreas in the call was that we have also got help from common public in maintaining safety and security," police said.
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