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Rural policing to be the prime concern of Dwarka distt Police

NEW DELHI: The Delhi Police's newly-formed Dwarka district will mainly focus on 'rural policing', in order to curb the menace of gang wars in their area, in addition to keeping a track on the movement of gangsters.
According to police, the first Deputy Commissioner of Police of the district will be Shibesh Singh, who, along with his police team, will be responsible for maintaining peace and security in the new police district.
Dwarka district will cover region such as Najafgadh, Jaffarpur Kalan, Baba Haridas Nagar area – which are primarily rural areas – and have been prone to gang wars. Thus, police officers have chose to focused on rural policing.
DCP Shibesh Singh stated that they will take all necessary steps to curb crime in the area.
"For better policing, we will take several steps which includes focussing on rural policing," said the DCP.
Police sources claimed that South West Delhi's Anti Auto Theft Squad (AATS) has been keeping a tab on the movement of gangsters.
As a result, they have found that many gangsters been using different types of cars, including SUVs and sedans, for various types of crimes, including murder.
"Sometimes, they would steal several vehicles in a day and go on a crime spree," said a police source.
A criminal compendium prepared by AATS has names of over 10 wanted gangsters, who are in jailed or out on bail.
Sources further told Millenium Post that police have found a change in the trend of gangsters.
Earlier, it was a fight for the supremacy in their respective areas, but now gangsters are seen to be going for more contract killings.
"Few gangs are indulging in the fight for supremacy, but new gangsters have been focusing on making money through contract killing," said a police official.
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