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Robotic surgeries in Safdarjung hospital from Jan

Robotic surgeries in Safdarjung hospital from Jan

New Delhi: In bid to increase number of treatments in OTs, Safdarjung Hospital is all set to start surgeries using robotic technology in the Urology Department from January 2019 onwards. "Currently we conduct two-three surgeries in a day. But with the introduction of robotic surgery, we will be able to finish four-five surgeries. This will help us reduce the burden of long pending cases," Anup Kumar, Doctor and Professor in the Urology Department, Safdarjung Hospital said.

Currently, the hospital is using the "3D laparoscopy" technology for conducting urology surgeries. Robotic surgery is performed making three small holes - through one hole a camera is inserted for 3D vision and the other two holes help the surgeon operate using instruments held by robotic arms.

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