Road rage still a threat to commuters in Ggn's MG Road

Road rage still a threat to commuters in Ggns MG Road

Gurugram: Two incidents of road rage were reported early Sunday morning in Gurugram's MG Road, once again highlighting the perils to safety of citizens in the busy area.

In the first incident, the rogue behavior of Gurugram Traffic Police personnel came to fore as some policemen, in a fit of rage, broke the window of a man's car.

The incident occurred after the cops asked the vehicle to stop as they felt that the driver was drunk. The driver, however, did not stop and tried to flee away. Unable to catch him, the enraged cops struck the window of his car, causing the broken shards to injured one of the policemen as well as the driver.

Subsequently, the car was impounded by the Gurugram police.

The second incident occurred at the service lane of the renowned Sahara Mall at MG Road, where a dozen youngsters, who were apparently drunk, came to blows over a petty issue.

The scuffle carried on for more than half an hour, before being broken down.

The area where the incident occurred has a large number of police officials deployed, but there was not one policemen to stop the ruckus caused by the drunken youth on Sunday.

The Mall Mile area of MG Road boasts of plush shopping complexes, but its growth has also led to mushrooming of unauthorised shops and outlets in the area.

Along with street side food stalls, there are also numerous liquor vending units that have sprung up around the areas of Sikanderpur, Nathupur, and Sukhrali.

Many such outlets are operating with proper authorisation, despite a strict ban by the Haryana government.

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