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Rival gangs clash inside Bhondsi jail, over 10 injured

Gurugram: The dangers inside Bhondsi jail again came to the fore as violent clashes erupted between the members of two dreaded gangs namely Rajesh Bawana and Binder Gujjar on Wednesday morning. The violence was so vicious that not only the prisoners but some police officials, who came to stop the fight, were also injured. Over 10 people are reported to have sustained injuries with six being admitted to the hospital for medical treatment.
According to the law enforcement officials, violent scenario started at around 8:45 am when the members of the two gangs came face to face in canteen where they had gone for breakfast. What started off with a heated argument quickly turned into violent fight between the members. The situation became out of control after more prisoners joined in their respective group to harm one another.
According to sources, over 30 inmates were involved in the bloody fight before the situation was brought to control.
On Thursday, the Gurugram police conducted a search operation and once again huge cache of cell phones was recovered from the jail. Besides mobile phones, SIM cards, ear phones and mobile phone chargers were also seized .
With large number of dreaded gangsters locked up in Bhondsi jail in Gurugram, the officials in Gurugram Police are becoming wary of the gangsters carrying out their nefarious activities inside the premises of the jail. Criminals from as many as 6 dreaded gangs are presently being locked up in the city jail. These gangs include Manjeet Mahal gang, Kaushal gang, Kishan gang, Hayatpuri gang, Sandeep Gadoli gang and Binder Gujjar gang. Most of the members from these gangs have been charged under serious offences like extortion, burglaries and murders.
Along with the reports of cell phones being used inside the jail, incidents of violent scuffle between the rival gang members have been reported from the Bhondsi Jail.
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