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Residents in Gurugram divided over handling of stray dogs in posh areas

Gurugram: With the increase in the population of stray dogs especially in the residential colonies of Gurugram and their rising aggression, various residents and dog lovers have expressed differences in opinion over the handling of stray dogs. While a certain group of residents feel that firm action must be taken by the authorities towards the menace, the dog lovers want an amicable solution to the problem. The incident has again stirred huge debate after there were allegations that 10 stray dogs were killed in a posh colony in Sohna road.

According to official data from the Government hospital, over 15 dog bites are reported from the city daily. The figures of dog bites have increased from 4400 cases in 2015 to over 5,500 cases in 2016. Further constant barking during night time, dog fights and hygienic issues have also been raised by aggrieved residents. According to official estimates, there are over 50,000 street dogs.

While concerns have been raised over the rising population of the stray dogs, residents especially living in the same locality with the dogs have a lot of affection for the canines. Besides providing them with food, some of the residents have personally financed in getting these animals vaccinated and even got them sterilised. Some of the residents in collaboration with the NGOs are also setting up the dog shelter homes.

In April this year, the RWA of a condominium society in Gurugram was provided with a legal notice by a group of residents after they started removing the stray dogs from their community area. Recently five members of the city civic body were brutally thrashed by 10-12 residents of Nathupur village after they had visited the area to catch hold of the stray dogs and other street animals.

"It is easy to blame the animals but humans are equally to blame for the rising aggression. Many of us blamed overfeeding of stray dogs but just imagine the plight of the dog that is hungry for two days and its behaviour and compare it with a well-fed dog," said Shruti Khandelwal, a dog lover.

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