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Residents depend on Gurugram cops to keep moving in monsoon

Gurugram: Waterlogging in several parts of the city may have left many residents to question the preparedness of the city to deal with heavy rain showers during monsoon. What left the residents impressed was the proactiveness shown by the city cops to not allow the city to stall.

According to official sources, there were more than 1,100 traffic cops that were present on the city roads to manage the traffic. Moreover, the Gurugram police also made sure that the communication medium with the residents was also enhanced.

Through its helpline numbers and social media, the district police made sure that it informed the commuter of what areas were affected on July 4 rainfall and also gave them alternate routes.

Gurugram police commissioner Muhammad Akil has already cancelled the leaves of traffic officials in order to deal with the monsoon rains. The former Gurugram's commissioner KK Rao strategy to have his constables stationed in the key areas of the city twenty-four hours a day in different is being continued by his successor. The strategy seems to have worked well

According to Gurugram police, there has been over 20 percent reduction in the cases of snatchings in the city. A large number of stretches that includes the Mahaveer Chowk, IFFCO Chowk, Sector-10 are completely dependent on the traffic cops for the smooth flow of traffic.

It is however not a completely rosy picture. There have been often been complaints that how most of the Gurugram cops using the pretext of levying fines on traffic violators often the cops harass the commuters.

There are also allegations that in many cases, the law enforcement officials tend to go soft on actual violators and target those people which can pay them illegally.

"There will be some people who will be against us and that is fine. Yet, the fact remains that no one in the city can complain today that the police is not present in the key locations of the city. Even though we cannot in all parts of the city we have identified the vulnerable spots and increased our presence over there," said a senior official from Gurugram police.

"Challenges galore. There have been occasions when limited resources and hostility by the citizens have taken a toll. We are trying to address the challenges and e will definitely find solutions on some of the difficulties that face our organization," added the official.

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