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Real-time location tracking soon to reduce PCR response

Real-time location tracking soon to reduce PCR response
New Delhi: Soon, the Delhi Police PCR van response time will minimise its response for better and effective policing as in few months under Nationwide Emergency Response System (NERS), the city police will be seeing real-time location of their PCR vehicles.
Police sources told Millennium Post that in future there will be a video wall in which senior police officer will be keeping an eye on the real-time movement of PCR and the response system of the vehicles will be upgraded.
''In a crime spot where there is a need of more PCR, an automatic message will be sent to other PCR who will be nearby due to which it will immediately reach the spot for help," said a police source.
Sources further claimed that in the video wall the police officers will keep a tab on the movement and location of the PCR and in case of any emergency situation they will alert nearby PCR.
Sources further said that negligence will not be there from the police personnel side who are in the PCR van. With the real-time movement, the PCR van cannot switch off the GPS as there will be an alert in police control room after which the concerned police personnel will have to give the answer about the incident.
Police sources claimed that after getting a PCR call asked about the location of the caller and sometime due to the crowd or congested area police reached late, now in future the PCR will be having the GPS location of the caller through which they will reach quickly. The planning is going on and will take some time in coming to the ground.
Police were working on 112 for the National Emergency Response System project. The number is touted to be India's equivalent of the US's all-in-one emergency services number 911. Police sources claimed that 121 might came from the next year as they trail run going on.
"We are working very hard so that it came quickly," said a police official.
Recently, Delhi Police has written to the Department of Telecommunications (DoT) to discontinue customer helpline number 121 as it was "creating confusion.'

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