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Re-run of Monkey Man hysteria in Delhi-NCR

Re-run of Monkey Man hysteria in Delhi-NCR
The mysterious cases of cutting of braids in various parts of Haryana and Delhi has brought the memories of mass hysteria alive where a so called "Monkey Man" shocked and scared the Indian capital and became the talk of every household in 2001.
People sleeping in their houses reported a strange Monkey like creature that appeared at night and attacked people while they were asleep. Though different eyewitnesses had different versions of the body type, some said the creature had a height of 4 feet, covered with thick body hair, wearing a helmet. Some often said that the 'Monkey Man' had iron claws. Description of others varied slightly with people defining it as taller, and wearing a helmet.
With police lodging FIR and still looking for clues for the mysterious case of braid chopping, the psychologists see it as a case that needs to be investigated throughly.
Pulkit Sharma, a psychologist says, "It is quite unlikely that women who are from villages would do it by themselves as the long hair is considered to be a symbol of femininity. That makes the probe very essential. Sometimes a man who has a strong hatred for women might leave a stamp mark of this type that needs to be investigated."
In 2001, the'Kala Bandar' or Monkey Man has created a lot of panic where people in the capital had abandoned sleeping at the terrace for the fear of the creature.
Some people were also reportedly injured in the so called attacks. This mass hysteria also led Bollywood to make a movie inspired by the story Delhi-6 .
Mostly the victims are from rural part and low educational background.
On being asked if the cops are investigating the case from any black magic perspective police said that every angle is being probed.
"Villagers are usually suggestible or easily swayed. However, in these cases the braids are really chopped off, so this requires proper investigation," said Pulkit Sharma.
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