Raid in Chanakyapuri: AAP alleges 'nexus' between CBI, IAS officers

Raid in Chanakyapuri: AAP alleges nexus between CBI, IAS officers

NEW DELHI: Raising doubts on CBI's recent raid in Delhi's Chanakyapuri, during which the prime investigating agency reportedly arrested a caterer for allegedly attempting to dilute a corruption case, the Aam Aadmi Party claims to have exposed the 'unholy nexus' between the CBI and IAS officers.

Addressing a Press conference, AAP spokesperson Saurabh Bharadwaj said, "Everybody in Delhi knows about the prestigious officers club at Chanakyapuri which is out of bounds for the general public. During the CBI raid on Wednesday, it has been found that the caterer of the club was allegedly acting as a middleman between the CBI and the IAS officers accused for corruption..

"He was negotiating between the investigation officers of CBI and the accused IAS officers for money. He was also allegedly dealing with hawala transactions of several serving IAS officers from Delhi. Huge cash up to Rs 3.6 crore and jewellry worth Rs 1.6 crore was reportedly recovered from the drawers of the caterer. 20 Rolex luxury watches were also recovered. The caterer was earlier running a canteen at the CBI office. Personal documents like passports and hawala transactions of IAS officers of UT cadre were also recovered from the caterer," Bhardwaj claimed.

"The CBI has not disclosed the names of the IAS officers but it appears that some of these officers were earlier protected by the Sheila Dikshit government, then by LG Najeeb Jung and later by the Modi government with regard to the CNG fitness scam.

"It is interesting that these IAS officers lobbied hard when Arvind Kejriwal came to power in Delhi, and the central government illegally took away ACB and Services from the elected government of Delhi," he added.

"Many corrupt IAS officers are scared of the consequences if the Services and ACB come back to the Arvind Kejriwal led government, upon which they will face strict actions. IAS association is so nervous of coming under Kejriwal government that they are reportedly planning to approach the Supreme Court to prevent Services from coming back to the elected Govt of Delhi," Bhardwaj argued.

Daring the CBI, the AAP leader further asked, "Can the CBI deny that it had raided the Palika Services Officers Institute (PSOI) at Chanakyapuri very recently on Wednesday and Thursday?" He also claimed, "This (raided premise) is the very place where the political IAS Association passes resolutions against the elected government."

"If there is nothing incriminating regarding documents, why is the CBI probing its own officers?" Bhardwaj asked claiming that the CBI reports to PMO and hence the BJP's central government is 'blackmailing' the Delhi

bureaucracy now.

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