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Public lauding doorstep delivery scheme: Sisodia

NEW DELHI: Days after Lieutenant Governor Anil Baijal returned the Doorstep Delivery Scheme for review to the Delhi government, Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia, along with Delhi Social Welfare minister Rajendra Pal Gautam, on Thursday visited the District Magistrate (DM) of Nand Nagri to interact with people over the issue of online services.
Many people, standing in queues at the DM's office, told Sisodia that despite having online services, they often have to visit government offices.
They said services should be delivered at their homes, as even senior citizens had to walk all the way to the offices.
Many residents of Nand Nagri told the Deputy CM they had to stand for hours in queues and visit offices time and again to get their job done.
They said going to offices repeatedly consumes a lot of their time, while some have to pay bribes or middlemen to get the job done.
"The public, in general, lauded the Delhi government scheme to provide citizens with 40 services, initially, at their doorstep," said an official who accompanied Sisodia.
Sisodia said, "The Delhi government's Doorstep Delivery of Services Scheme ensures residents of Delhi get all their jobs done sitting at home. A resident will only be required to make a call on the helpline number and an executive will come and do all the paperwork and get the job done. The beneficiary resident will not be required to visit the government office."
Countering the LG's claim that executives going door-to-door to deliver services will increase traffic and pollution, Sisodia said doorstep delivery will end corruption.
"It will put an end to the numerous visits people must take to the offices to get their job done. People will not need to take leaves, once doorstep delivery comes into effect. The executives will visit them at a time and date of their choice," Sisodia said.
"At present, people are paying touts to get their job done. This will be done away with once the doorstep delivery scheme comes into effect," said the Deputy CM.
Meanwhile, the Delhi government is yet to clarify what it will do with the returned file.
Sources said Delhi ministers are likely to take to the streets, just like Sisodia, to spread the word.
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