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Predators keep close vigil to target children: DCPCR probe

New Delhi: The predators involved in the sexual assault of the children do a proper recce before targeting the minor kids, revealed the investigation conducted by the Delhi Commission for Protection of Child Rights (DCPCR).

Jyoti Duhan Rathee, member DCPCR, stated that during the probe in POCSO cases it was found that the accused keep close vigil on the movements of the children. "When the kid is alone or lives isolated from family, school timings– all these factors are monitored by the accused," said Jyoti.

She further stated that after finding right moment, the accused start developing a friendship with the kid by giving chocolate or toy.

After gaining the trust of the minor, the accused commit the crime with the kid. "After the incident, the abuser threaten the child of dire consequences," said Jyoti. "Spend at least some time with your children at home to know whether any stranger or known person is coming closer to them showing more affection or care," said DCPCR official.

The mothers are close to children so an environment should be created where the kids –he or she– can share everything with them. "If a child talks about some known person (neighbour, school staff) or stranger showing affection, giving them chocolate, seeking friendship, this is the time when parents should check that person," added the official. Parents should also teach their kids about safe and unsafe touch.

According to Delhi Police Data, since 2017 over 200 persons were arrested in POCSO cases. Sources claimed that recently, in a meeting, Delhi Police Commissioner Amulya Patnaik reviewed the status of POCSO cases registered in all 14 districts.

The recent data published by the DCPCR stated that 42 per cent of the accused in cases registered under the Protection of Children from Sexual Offences Act (POCSO) Act are neighbours of the children and the area of offence is the house of victims or the accused. The DCPCR data, accessed by Millennium Post, claimed that from January 2017 to October 2018, they received 341 POCSO cases.

In August, a minor girl was sexually assaulted in South West Delhi area. The victim's father told Millennium Post that her daughter is still recovering from trauma. "Sometimes she starts crying. Her life is traumatised by the incident," said the father.

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