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Poor air: Green bodies want Badarpur Power Plant shut

NEW DELHI: In a bid to remind the Delhi government about the deterioration in air quality, the green bodies of Delhi have called for immediate implementation of National Clean Air Program and closing down of Badarpur Thermal Power Plant. The Capital's air quality in the last two months has stayed 'Poor', noted the Central Pollution Control Board. Environment activists urged to "Break free from Coal, Clean Air Now", highlighting stationary sources like power plants which are one of the largest and easiest sources to tackle provided there is a will.
"We have allowed ourselves enough to become the victim of air pollution, something that is easily mitigated by taking concrete and right steps. We are here because we had enough and now we need to see change. That change is only possible if the government's actions towards solving the issue are discussed on public platforms first so that we know where are we heading. We are standing here in solidarity with millions like us suffering from an unseen monster called air pollution," said an environmentalist.
The environmentalists noted that every year the city goes through a huge air pollution problem from November onwards. Various research has shown that the thermal power plants like Badarpur add higher quantity of PM 2.5 in the city air and which stays in the environment. A study titled 'Heat in Power' analysed and rated coal-based thermal power plants on nearly 60 environmental and energy parameters. It showed 40 per cent of the plants (around 18 of the 47) as having a score less than 20 per cent, based on various parameters. NTPC's Badarpur plant was declared the poorest performing of all. This plant, which contributed a relatively meagre share of Delhi's power (7.9 per cent during April to October 2015), contributed around 80-90 percent of the particulate matter, SOx and NOx, generated by the power sector in Delhi.
"We want to send a strong message that people of this country are determined to fight against air pollution and reclaim their Right to Life, we cannot allow the interests of polluting power companies take our life and health for a ride. The fact that the current NCAP has hardly any mention on how big polluters should reduce their emissions shows that the government is still not serious about big polluters like coal-fired power plants. The government should make NCAP immediately available to the public and has clear targets for reducing pollution from big polluters like power plants and industries, said Sunil Dahiya an activist.

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