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Pollution taking a toll on student fraternity

NEW DELHI: At a time when people are gasping for breath and a state of 'Public Health Emergency' has been declared, a survey has revealed that nearly 53 per cent of students suffered from some form of respiratory ailment. 50 per cent of these students complained of aggravated symptoms.
The survey was conducted at five different colleges in Delhi University, Dwarka, Rohini and Greater Noida. Among 1,044 students between the age of 18 and 24, it was found that nearly 53 per cent had visible respiratory symptoms, like cough, sputum production, complain of chest tightness and breathlessness. Moreover, 52 per cent of respondents said they were allergic to dust, smoke and pollens.
More key findings revealed that 51 per cent of students said they experienced aggravation in their symptoms with pollution, while 42 per cent of students showed lung function impairment after their lung function was tested conducted.
11 per cent of students were already on inhalers for their symptoms. The respondents were asked to fill a questionnaire which consisted of respiratory symptoms, pollution, allergies and use of inhalers.
The lung function was tested by peak expiratory flow meter and those who tested positive for airflow impairment were further tested by spirometry (measures volume and speed (flow) of air that can be inhaled and exhaled).
"The objective of conducting the survey was to have a greater insight to the after-effects of air pollution and the dangers that it posed. Delhi's air quality remains in the emergency category and stringent measures have to be taken to bring the problem under control. There was a need to involve the youth in such a study because it makes them aware of how the problem of pollution can deter their growth. It makes them more involved in the fight against air pollution," said Dr Vikas Maurya, the coordinator of the survey.
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