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Pollution level surges in Noida, Ghaziabad

Noida/Ghaziabad: The pollution level in Noida and Ghaziabad has yet again surged to alarming heights on Tuesday morning. A yellow blanket of smog hung heavily in the sky which engulfed the both the regions reducing the visibility to less than 100 metres. However the visibility began falling on Monday evening itself.
In the wake of alarming pollution levels, the district administration of Ghaziabad directed all the primary schools till class five to remain shut on Wednesday and Thursday.
Also the Ghaziabad administration has decided to shut 8 factories responsible for causing air pollution and has directed multiple departments to carry out water sprinkling on all the major roads as dust also majorly contributes air pollution.
According to data from Central Pollution Control Board, the average air quality index of Noida at 3 p.m was considered severe ranging 449 while Ghaziabad recorded much similar pollution levels at same time which were 443. Meteorologists predicts that the air quality of both the regions to remain 'severe' for the next two days as well.
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