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Pollen count monitors come up at Patel Chest Institute

New Delhi: In bid to provide accurate information to the public, the Vallabhbhai Patel Chest Institute (VPCI) at Delhi University has installed two display boards in its premises to disseminate information on pollen count, after monitoring levels of airborne grass pollens.
The machines procured by the institute are among the first-of-its-kind in the country.
A recent study found that 30 per cent of the population of Delhi-NCR suffers from some form of allergic ailment and a majority of the residents are unaware of what exactly flares up their condition and how to avoid it.
Having a pollen count station can be instrumental, especially for people with asthma and other respiratory ailments, as they can check the forecast and take preventive measures, such as taking anti-histamines or staying indoors and minimize health risk, officials at the institure said.
Experts believe that for patients with respiratory issues, the pollen count would be an indispensable resource to help manage their symptoms and protect their lungs.
Dr Raj Kumar, Head of Department of Pulmonary Medicine and National Center of Allergy Asthma and Immunology, VPCI, told reporters, "The digital display board at the institute will help create awareness about pollen being a common, in fact, one of the major reasons for repeated attacks in asthma patients. It will also enable people with chronic allergies to be better prepared for a dusty/pollen day on the road.
"Especially in the spring, when things get dustier and dry, the number of pollen induced allergy cases are on a steady increase," Kumar, who also serves as Acting Director of the Institute, said.
He added that having a pollen count station can be crucial for such patients as they can check pollen count status in the vicinity and take necessary steps to avoid exposure.
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