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Police reach out to children in south east Delhi slums

NEW DELHI: "Do not pick rags, go for education so that you can live a dignified life," personnel of Delhi Police told children living in slums on Monday, to emphasise that education is the mantra for success in life.
Having observed that children from slums are most vulnerable to abuse, police teams in South East Delhi have been meeting slum children, spreading awareness among them about 'differentiating a good touch from a bad touch'.
"We have been visiting every slum of south east Delhi and creating awareness among small children," said a senior woman police official.
Through this campaign, cops are also making the kids realised the importance of education in their lives.
In slums, many a time parents do not push their children to study and prefer them taking up a job, such as working at construction sites or picking rags.
"We tell them that not go for activities like picking rags or working in factories. Education can change their lives, so we tell children about its importance," a police official said.
The parents were also told about the importance of sending children to school.
Recently, police team and an NGO reached a slum in Jamia Nagar area, where children were told about factors leading to child abuse and instructed on how to report to police if they face or find someone involved child abuse.
Even small children listened to the volunteers and police personnel intently.
Health and hygiene was another issue discussed during the sensitisation programme. Children were told about the importance of cleanliness and keeping their surroundings clean.
The meeting also aimed to end the hesitation that children often had while going to police stations.
DCP (South East) Romil Baaniya said that the initiative in south east Delhi slums was for the benefit of minors. "We are taking several steps for the protection of children," he said.
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