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Police probe fraud in online website

Police probe fraud   in online website

New Delhi: A man wanted to sell his motorcycle through an online website but ended up in identity theft as one fake purchaser made several accounts on his name to dupe people of their money in the name of selling the bike. Police have registered a case in Lodhi Road police station in South Delhi.

According to police, the incident came to light on February 25 when the complainant approached the police and told them that his identity was stolen from a popular website. "I posted an advertisement on the selling website with my e-mail id and the phone, with the purpose of selling my motorcycle online," complainant told police.

The complainant further said that he was contacted by a person who claimed himself an officer stating that he was interested in purchasing his motorcycle. "He (scammer) asked me to show the proof of my ownership of the bike, which I did by sending him the picture of the registration certificate of my identity," complainant further told police.

The complainant further added that he sent the picture of his Aadhar card. "Later complainant was contacted by one motorcycle company stating that his identity has been stolen by someone who is using his name and selling the motorcycle through claiming false ownership and scamming people for money by asking advance," complainant said.

Police said, "the scammer has posted several advertisements on the same online platform and is using complainant's credentials to fool others and skim money out of their pockets by asking for an advance in order to book the motorcycle for them.

"There were several ads consisting of complainant's bike photos and his name but with different phone numbers and places," police said.

The complainant further contacted security department of online website and told them about the whole incident and they have now deleted some ads which he reported, but some are still posted online.

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