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Police honours girl who fought off snatchers in Shahdara

NEW DELHI: The assumption of three snatchers who thought that young Disha was a fragile and weak girl were dashed by the brave girl, after she chased and pinned down one of the thieves who tried to snatch her mobile phone in Shahdara on Friday evening.
Seeing Disha bravery, locals and passersby too intervened, and caught another snatcher, while the juvenile in the group managed to escape.
Shahdara DCP Nupur Prasad on Saturday awarded the girl, saying: "We rewarded Disha for the exemplary courage that she has shown. She chased and pushed the scooty of the snatchers to the ground."
As soon as her mobile was snatched, by the scooty-borne thieves, she ran towards them without wasting a second, caught up to them, and pushed the scooty so hard that it lost balance and fell. "I wasn't scared. The first thing that came to my mind was to catch them and I did that without wasting time," said Disha.
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