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Police data on fingerprints helped solve several cases

New Delhi: The Finger Print Bureau is a vital establishment for controlling crime. Once caught in a crime, it becomes difficult for an accused to dodge his own fingerprints taken during arrest.
Delhi Police data for 2017 shows that 24,751 search slips and 3,615 record slips were updated by the Finger Print Bureau, which comes under the Crime Branch. It took a long time for the Bureau to examine 5,508 prints from 1,875 cases.
"In 114 document cases, our team examined disputed thumb impression and gave expert opinion. A total of 24,751 search slips were examined, of which 7,400 search slips were traced. Fingerprints of 911 unidentified dead bodies were searched and 44 were identified," said Alok Kumar, Joint CP Crime.
Police also successfully linked 65 criminals with their crimes by matching their 'chance prints' in 58 cases.
Thanks to data on chance prints, in particular cases reported from Bharat Nagar in North West Delhi and Sarita Vihar from South East Delhi, cops were able to identify the accused.
"Modern gadgets like compactors, high intensity forensic light, various types of finger print kits with ultra violet and infra red arrangements, good quality of fluorescent powder, lenses, electric fuming and developing chambers, camera systems and dust print lifters are used by the Bureau," Kumar said.
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