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Police busted gambling den with the help of drama

New Delhi: With the help of drama, the North Delhi Police busted a gambling den in Timarpur area. Police arrested nine persons and recovered more than 90,000 rupees.

According to the investigators, on July 26, they went near the house of the accused persons in plainclothes. The other team was waiting nearby the spot. CCTV cameras were installed outside the accused's house. "Few men were keeping a close eye on outside movements and if they found something fishy they alert the kingpin who flee from the other door. So we wore plain clothes," police said.

"We had identified the house, one of our police personnel was carrying a utensil and clothes soaked in petrol," police said. The policeman droped the clothes near the main gate of the house. Later another policeman, on the pretext of smoking cigarette, droped burning matchstick on the cloth which caught fire. "We started shouting fire. All the accused who were sitting inside the house saw the TV screen connected with CCTV. Once they opened the door, all the police personnel went inside and caught the gamblers," police said. A senior officer told Millennium Post that whole operation was completed in less than half an hour including 5-10 minutes of drama. "Around 6-7 police personnel were in plain clothes and the same number of police were deployed a few meters away from the house," an officer said.

Deputy Commissioner of Police (North) Nupur Prasad said that one Vivek is the kingpin of this racket. He had invited other accused persons by phone. "Nine accused persons were arrested and Rs. 94,100 as stake money, 20 sets of cards, two LEDs, two DVRs etc have been seized," said DCP North. ACP Operations (North) Jitender Patel led the team with SI Devender from the cyber cell (North).

Investigators further added that the accused had chosen an isolated place for gambling. "We had earlier conducted the recee. To reach the spot we crossed several small lanes," added another investigator.

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