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PM has shown his vigilance in space: Tiwari

PM has shown his vigilance in space: Tiwari

New Delhi: Manoj Tiwari on Wednesday congratulated the Modi government for taking the first step in making India a space superpower by ensuring the success of Mission Shakti. He said that Narendra Modi has established his government's vigilance even in space. Narendra Modi addressed the nation earlier on the same day announcing that DRDO had successfully missile-tested its very own anti-satellite weapons system, making the country the fourth nation to be able to strike a satellite in space after the US, Russia, and China.

Comparing the mission's success to the success of nuclear tests undertaken by India because of how the entire world was surprised by India's capabilities, the state BJP president assured citizens that Modi has shown how serious he is about protecting the country from threats. He added that this monumental success came as a result of BJP government's Make in India programme. He also praised the scientists behind Mission Shakti for taking full advantage of the government scheme to produce an excellent anti-sat missile system.

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