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Patient gets a new lease of life at AIIMS

Patient gets a new lease of life at AIIMS

New Delhi: A 40-year-old, Jaggu, resident of Bulandshar got a new lease of life after getting operated at the All India Institute of Medical Science (AIIMS), who was suffering from obese disorder and having weight around 180 kg, while suffering from a multi fatal disorder, with this additional fatal disorder makes the simple bariatric surgery into a complex surgery.

"The patients was suffering from the obesity with multi-disorder, which itself a threat to his life. Meanwhile, he was suffering from the cirrhotic liver, portal hyperostosis ( dilated), sleep apnea — with complications in both lung and heart, and was also suffering from fragile dietary duct, which challenges the the country's largest medical institution," said Dr Sandeep Agarwal, surgeon, bariatric surgery AIIMS.

His entire family was willing that patient could get rid off from his obese disorder, so they keep visiting the different hospitals, but here in AIIMS we took the challenge to perform this surgery, country best institute never disappoint any patients, he added.

During the initial stage of the admission to the hospital, doctors started taking steps to perform the bariatric surgery while controlling the other ailments at bay. "Operation was really challenging for the surgeon due to the liver problem and in such situations, patient had 10 per cent chances of liver failure," he added.

"After the surgery, the Jaggu' s weight reduced to around 135-kg and further in course of time, patients will also reduce more weight," he added.

The patient came to us 'C-pap" machine having problems in breathing with disorder in chest and heart, which makes the operation more challenging, because any miss-happening could occur to patient due to its other ailments," expert said. "His condition was so vulnerable that his blood has high level of carbon dioxide, lips were blue and also suffering from diabetes.

Operation was a major challenge for doctors due to such problems. Therefore, for the first time, they had to admitted to the hospital for before a month to the scheduled surgery and discharged after a month, while monitoring the all parameters of his body function, doctor added.

"Otherwise, after two to three days the patient sent home after bariatric surgery. This is how this surgery makes it rare," Dr Sandeep added.

According to surgeons, we were most vigilant over as his dietary tube was fragile and had chances of further severity to develop and due to heavy anitbiotics the patients' liver affected. With the help of gestro department supervision, the patients survive with the disorder and successfully recovered from

the ailments. Moreover, the patients is almost fine and required come only for routine screening at AIIMS.

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