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Parents, teachers protest as unregistered school shuts abruptly

Fate of 283 students are stuck in limbo; more than 200 unlicensed schools are functional in Gurugram

Parents, teachers protest as unregistered school shuts abruptly

Gurugram: Future of as many as 283 students studying in Noble High school stuck in limbo when their parents got a message on their phone that the school was closing down abruptly with immediate effect. No reasons were given of why the school that has classes from nursery to class-VII was closing so abruptly.

Shockingly, the management of the school took the decision to close the school even as a session was about to end. Even as the management assured the parents that the school was shifting to a new location in Sector-40 the aggrieved parents were not impressed by the claims. A huge crowd gathered around the school claiming that there was a big scam that was being played out by the school authorities. Also present were the teachers of the school who claim that they have not been paid their salaries for more than three months.

Highlighting that this is one more tactic by the school to cough up more fees, the parents highlighted that how in the past the school has been non-transparent in its ways. They have also highlighted that they will not withdraw their wards from the school and if required will raise the matter to the higher officials. Earlier, the schools have operated under different names in order to get a licence for an educational institute.

"Education system has become a business today. No sentiments for kids nor about studies just for moneymaking. Kids of Noble High School are sitting idle with no studies from one-and-half months, salaries not being reimbursed to the school staff and now a nine-hour ultimatum given to parents that the school is closing down abruptly," said Nidhi Srivastav, a parent.

It is important to mention that this is not the first time when such incident has happened in the city. Earlier too, school students have been left in lurch owing to callous attitude of school authorities and inaction of education department.

According to an official estimate, over 200 unregistered schools, which are operational in the city, are vulnerable. Various schools on the pretext of enhancement of facilities and implementation of 7th pay commission had increased their school fees. This has led to thousands of parents protesting against such schools not only in Gurugram but also in Delhi.

"We really hope that the public agencies rein in these schools because the lack of action by the authorities has resulted in these schools now running an education mafia where the middle-class parents are financially exploited as they do not have an option. It's a pity that 20 private schools have the audacity to even dictate terms even to the government," said Mahima Yadav, one of the aggrieved parents.

The state of the education system in Gurugram has forced most of the parents to get their children admitted in schools in neighbouring Delhi. Over 200 unlicensed schools are functional in the city. As most of these private schools are not registered, they easily get away after charging exorbitant sums from the parents.

For long, it has been alleged by education activists and aggrieved parents that the district administration has not penalised these unlicensed schools, some of them are operational since 2007. Most of these schools have been given a leeway by the government to function as most of the quality private schools in the city are not able to accommodate the students.

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