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'Pain of losing Aarushi will never go away'

NOIDA: With dentist couple Rajesh and Nupur Talwar finally walking out of Dasna jail, Rajesh' brother Dinesh on Monday said that the couple's pain of losing their daughter Aarushi will never go away, but they will attempt to lead a normal life anyway.
Addressing a press conference at Noida, Dinesh hit out at media reports linking Aarushi and the Talwars' domestic help Hemraj, the victims of the 2008 double murder, and said that they were not "guilty".
"Aarushi and Hemraj's names were linked in this story. It was not only her parents who had been branded guilty, but also Aarushi who was meted out the same treatment. Even Hemraj was held guilty. At this point, we can say none of them was guilty," Dinesh asserted.
He said that in the last four years, his family controlled their emotions because they had to fight this battle in the "quest for truth".
"We forgot everything else and our motive was to clear Aarushi's name. The day Rajesh was convicted, he told me, 'I will fight this battle for Aarushi till my last breathe'. He did not say that he wants to come out of jail. He wanted to clear his daughter's name," said Dinesh.
Rajesh's brother also requested the media to respect the couple's privacy and allow them to get back to a life of normalcy.
"They are not in a position where we can say that they are normal. They are not even in a condition to soak in the fact that they are now home. It will take some time for them to register this," he said, adding that it has been "emotionally draining" for them and he will do everything to support his brother and sister-in-law.
"The pain of losing Aarushi can never go away and the grief over her loss, which was somewhere bottled up, will now come to the fore. They are not in a position to talk. Please give them some time to get back to a normal life," Dinesh said.
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