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Overpowered him to save other policemen: Injured cop Yograj

New Delhi: "The man was looking aggressive with the sword in his hand, I approached him quitely from behind and held him tight. Had I not overpowered him at the right time, he would have injured other policemen, it was my duty to save them," said Assistant Sub inspector Yograj who was injured by a gramin seva driver Sarabjit Singh with a Kripan in Delhi's Mukherjee Nagar. Yograj has received 4 sutures on his head. He was the first cop who took initiative and tried to overpower the man brandishing an open Kripan at the cops outside the police station.

The presence of mind and the bravery of the the ASI in the civil dress not just saved the situation getting worse but also did avert a would be 'tragedy' seeing the aggressivenes of the sikh man with a sword. However it seems that Assistant Sub-Inspector Yograj display of exemplary courage was overshadowed amidst the chaos the incident has created with politicians jumping in to issue statements over the incident.

The cops after getting into altercation with the gramin seva driver Sarabjit Singh and his minor son challenged him with more police force but soon the situation turned violent when Sarabjit took out Kripan and attacked ASI Yograj who held him from behind. The incident has also puts Delhi Police strategy to deal with an armed assailant under scrutiny. While many belive that Delhi Police handled the situation quite unprofesionally.

Delhi Police PRO Madhur Verma told Millennium Post that the situation could have been handled more prefessionally. "The use of force by Policemen while overpowering an armed man is justified but excessive use of force after the armed man has already been overpowered is totally uncalled for. Hence an FIR is also registered against 3 policemen. Delhi Police follows zero tolerance towads any unprofesssional conduct and unnecessay excess while performing offcial duties or handling crowd control situation," Madhur Verma, PRO Delhi Police said.

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