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Overhaul of school examination system needed: Manish Sisodia

Overhaul of school examination system needed: Manish Sisodia
The Delhi government has called for a reform in education system in the national Capital, with Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia taking to social media to reach out to people saying: "This is the time to overhaul school examination system."
Sisodia, who is also in-charge of the Education Department, expressed that reform of the examination system is important because through this the government can reform the whole education system.
"Reforming examinations will help us to provide a perfect path to achieve goals of education reforms," the Minister wrote for the government's campaign on social media.
The Delhi government believes that a need for reform in school education is necessary and schools should help people to build up behaviour and attitude, said Sisodia.
He also urged politicians and administrators that the education system should not get influenced by authorities. Sisodia wrote, "Administrative community should not influence the curriculum."
The Minister lashed out at the present examination system and termed it as "stagnant".
He said that the current examination pattern has blocked the education system and till the time it is not changed, reformation of education will not be possible.
"Stagnant examination pattern has induced inertia in the system," said Sisodia.
The Minister further suggested that people should not consider the outcome of education by the marks scored by students.
"There is a need to align examination papers with learning outcomes," he wrote in a post on Twitter.
As part of the reforms, Sisodia suggested that every question should be scrutinised thoroughly, with the viewpoint of outcomes.
"At the highest level, we must begin to scrutinise every question of every examination from the prism of learning outcomes," he said.
Sisodia explained that both the questions and their assessment should be capable of testing the learning level of children and if these fail to do so then tests will be irrelevant.
"If examinations had been about assessing learning levels instead of memory, much of this fear would not exist," the minister said.
According to Sisodia, educational reform will help the government fix many socials issues. "Examinations will help to bridge the divide between
education and the requirements of society and we must seize this opportunity," Sisodia said.
The Minister also wrote a letter to the Union Human Resource Development Minister Prakash Javadekar that the government should re-think the curriculum and evaluation procedure.
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