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Over 70,000 letters in support of RapeRoko campaign: DCW

New Delhi: The 'RapeRoko' campaign launched by Delhi Commission for Women (DCW) said it has collected around 70,000 letters from people to be sent to the Prime Minister, demanding exemplary punishments to the rapists of children below the age of six months.
According to DCW, hundreds of volunteers are calling from across the country to join the movement.
Every day, over four nukkad nataks (street plays) are organised as part of the campaign in various parts of Delhi. Several volunteer teams are going across the Capital and interacting with men, women and children and urging them to break the culture of silence on rape. Colleges, schools and various associations are providing their support to the movement.
The RapeRoko campaign, apart from demanding a systemic change, aims at creating a strong network of volunteers, who aim to work together to break the culture of silence around rapes in India as well as question people's mindsets.
DCW chief Swati Jai Hind said, "I have not gone back home for the past 22 days, as I don't want my life to move on from the rape of an 8-month-old baby. We will not turn a blind eye towards rapes of little girls."
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