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'Over 5L illicit liquor bottles seized in Delhi between Jan-Sep'

Over 5L illicit liquor bottles seized in Delhi between Jan-Sep

new delhi: Delhi Police has seized over five lakh bottles of illicit liquor and registered over 4,000 cases in the last nine months, while 4,371 suspected bootleggers have been arrested from neighbouring states, officials here said on Sunday. According to Delhi Police data, 5,17,755 liquor bottles were seized from across 15 police districts between January and September this year. Out of the total seizure, 4,52,018 bottles were of country-made liquor (CML), 53,366 of Indian-made foreign liquor (IMFL) and 1,2371 bottles of beer.

As many as 4,371 people have been arrested and 4,044 cases registered under the excise act in this period.

From transporting liquor bottles stashed inside ambulances to hiding them in buses, tempos, e-rickshaw, two-wheelers and trucks, bootleggers are trying different ways to smuggle liquor into the national capital from other states.

In April, a milkman was arrested for carrying liquor bottles inside milk containers. In another case, police intercepted an ambulance which was illegally transporting 25 cartons of liquor in west Delhi's Chhawla area and arrested two men.

According to senior police officers, most of the illicit liquor is being smuggled into Delhi through its neighbouring states, especially from Haryana.

So far, the Outer North district of Delhi Police alone has seized 73,250 bottles of liquor and 975 beer bottles. As many as 200 vehicles used for transporting the liquor were also seized between January and September this year.

"By catching these suppliers, the source of illicit liquor in Haryana has also been identified and a proposal for MCOCA against these is also being initiated. Further, the action is also being taken against the criminals in the catchment areas," Sharma said.

Until September 30, the south district seized 40,903 liquor and 946 beer bottles. A total of 334 people have been arrested in 311 cases registered under the excise act. Meanwhile, 14,642 liquor bottles and 28,297 quarters have been destroyed during this period, according to the data.

"We keep a strict vigil at the border check posts both in Uttar Pradesh and Haryana. We have also deployed our staff in civil clothes at check posts to keep a tab on the movement of suspicious people. We keep surveillance on known criminals indulging in such supplies and also keep a tab on suspected bootleggers near the wine shops or the areas where such liquors are usually supplied," South East DCP RP Meena said.

In southeast district alone, out of the 340 cases registered under the excise act so far, letters were sent to the excise department in at least 144 cases to dispose of liquor. Till September end, 38,875 quarters of liquor was disposed of, the officer added.

Dwarka district, which also shares borders with neighbouring states, has also seized 59,307 bottles and 132 vehicles. As many as 421 cases have been registered under the excise act and 449 people arrested so far, according to police.

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