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Over 5,000 motor vehicle theft cases registered in just 46 days

New Delhi: In the first 46 days of New Year, the city recorded more than 5,000 cases of motor vehicle theft in which the cops were able to solve 392 cases. Sources told Millennium Post that till February 15, as many as 5,459 cases were reported in the city. The law enforcement agency also arrested 445 persons involved in the crime. Around 368 vehicles were recovered.

One of the Delhi Police districts registered 614 cases of MV theft whereas from two districts 519 and 560 cases were reported. In three districts 484, 443 and 478 cases were reported and rest other districts registered over 2,000 cases.

Sources further told this newspaper that one of the districts solved 63 cases whereas in three districts 52, 44 and 47 cases were worked out. Rest 11 districts solved 189 cases.

Sources said that one of the districts arrested 66 persons which is the highest number comparing rest other 14 districts. As many 60 vehicles were the highest recovery by one district whereas rest other recovered more than 300 vehicles.

According to investigators, the accused used several modus operandi for vehicle theft in which one of them is cutting the vehicle and selling the parts for few thousands of rupees. Last year two persons involved in more than 15 cases of motor vehicle theft were arrested by Shahdara district police.

The accused used to steal vehicles to get 5,000 rupees from the receiver. Later that man used to cut the vehicle into pieces to sell the parts. In some cases, it was also found that accused travel from different states to commit vehicle theft and then return back to their native place. According to the police, motorcycles are used frequently for street crimes like snatching and robberies.

One of the main reasons behind the increase in motor vehicle thefts is unmanned parking in the capital city which is the soft target for the auto-lifters.

Sometimes unwillingness of a majority of motor vehicle owners to install anti-auto theft equipment is one of the major contributing factors to motor vehicle theft.

More than five vehicles were reported stolen every hour in the national capital last year, data released by the Delhi Police had showed.

A total of 44,158 motor vehicle theft cases were reported in 2018 as against 39,084 such cases in 2017.

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