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Over 11 lakh voters to decide fate of Ggm candidates in upcoming assembly polls

Over 11 lakh voters to decide fate of Ggm candidates in upcoming assembly polls

Gurugram: In less than a month from now, the four Vidhan Sabha constituencies of Gurugram belt that comprises of over 11 lakh voters will seal the fate of their candidates in the upcoming assembly elections. It's in these constituencies were BJP won all the four seats and also got the highest number of votes from other parts of the state.

Nearly 11,67 lakh will vote from the four Vidhan Sabha constituencies of Badshahpur, Gurugram, Pataudi, and Sohna. Out of four constituencies, the Badshahpur Vidhan sabha constituency is the largest. There is a total of 3.79 lakh voters. The total number of female voters is 1.79 lakh and male electorates are 2.01 lakh.

In 2014 this seat was won by Rao Narbir Singh who won this Vidhan Sabha seat by a margin of 86,000 votes. The Gurugram city has a total of 3.45 lakh voters where female voters constitute a total of 1.65 lakh and male voters are 1.87 lakh.

It was in Gurugram seat where Umesh Aggarwal won by the highest margin in all the 90 assembly seats with the margin of 1.06 lakh votes. In Sohna with 2.25 votes, the seat was won by Tejpal Tanwar. The smallest constituency out of four is Pataudi and has 2.18 voters, This seat was won by Bimla Chaudhury by a margin of 25,000 votes.

In addition to Gurugram, there will be five lakh voters that will vote from Mewat region which comprises of three Vidhan Sabha constituencies The Nuh constituency has a total of 1.65 lakh voters,the seat was won by Zakir Hussain who in 2014 represented Indian National Lok Dal (INLD) but has then taken the membership of BJP.

The Ferozpur Jhirka Vidhan sabha seat comprises of two lakh voters and was won by Naseem Ahmed also from INLD. He then has taken the membership of Indian National Congress. The Punhanaa seat comprises of 1.69 lakh voters in which 71,000 are female voters while over 91,000 are males, the seat in 2014 was won by Rashid Khan then from Bahujan Samajwadi Party (BSP) but has then taken the membership of BJP.

In an interesting data, even though there was a huge wave of Saffron party through the Gurgram belt in Mewat, the party was not able to defeat the Congress party and achieved just 22 percent of the vote share. The higher voting percentage in Badshapur and Bawal area that comes under Rewari led to a huge swing towards the BJP. Moreover, till 2014, BJP used to only get 7.5 percent of the votes in the Assembly elections most of which used to come from the Gururam belt.

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