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Over 1,000 construction labourers protest against contractor in Gurugram

Over 1,000 construction labourers protest against contractor in Gurugram
Thousands of construction labourers who are working at the Camellias project in Golf Course road on Friday protested against the contractor over poor working conditions. Some of the angry workers also got in scuffle with the official security staff members that were present in the area.
To bring the situation under control, a team of Gurugram Police was sent to pacify the workers to bring them under control after hours of negotiation.
The contracted labour force was miffed with the contractor not only on the poor working conditions but alleged that most of them were taken out of the job without any valid reasons.
On Thursday, a group of workers met with the supervisor and made him aware of the situation. However, the situation flared up and the work was stalled on Friday at the upcoming luxury residential project after they alleged that the supervisor did not entertain their demands.
"There is just no regard for us and we are being treated shabbily. We are forced to work for longer hours, given poor quality of food and not allowed to take a leave even if we are unwell," said Deepak who is from Siwan district of Bihar.
Reacting to the incident, a senior police of Gurugram police stated that situation would have gone out of control had the police team not been dispatched quickly to calm the tempers.
On July 18, 2012, angry Maruti workers burned the Maruti factory at Manesar in which 31 workers were convicted by the city court in the case in which General Manger Human Resources (HR) lost his life. Maruti workers still protest march evey year demanding that justice have not been served to the workers.
Incidents have been reported from the city where contracted labours employed in factories of industrial areas of Udyog Vihar have held protest over poor pay and being taken out by the employer.

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