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Open to talks with court-appointed interlocutors: Shaheen Bagh women

Open to talks with court-appointed interlocutors: Shaheen Bagh women

NEW DELHI: It was a nervous Monday as the women protesters waited for directions from Supreme Court regarding Shaheen Bagh in a silent protest with black ribbons tied around their mouth. Until the Court's proceeding were over, every request by media for a sound byte was turned down by the women protesters.

It was only after the news of the Court appointed two senior lawyers as interlocutors along with Wajahat Habibullah reached Shaheen Bagh, the protesters said that they are looking forward to the talks.

One of the three Dadis announced this from the stage, "We will talk to anyone who comes from Supreme court," she said.

The women of Shaheen Bagh have decided to abide by whatever the court says.

The protesters are looking forward to the visit by the concerned persons, Senior advocates Sanjay Hegde and Sadhana Ramachandran and former bureaucrat Wajahat Habibullah.

"We will make them realise the ground reality of the road blockade and the propaganda around it. We ourself make sure that the ambulance and school bus have a smooth passage. Even the essential good are given the passage. No RWA from the adjoining areas has approached us with any inconvenience whatsoever. We are hopeful for a positive response from the team," said Taseer from the organising committee.

Protest at Shaheen Bagh has continued since December 15, 2019, when a group of 14-15 women protesters first assembled in opposition to the passage of the amended citizenship act (CAA), calling it unconstitutional.

Another woman protester said, "We are hopeful that the three persons who are appointed wold also consider our point of view and our difficulties. Now that the court has formed a committee so we look forward to meeting them whenever they arrive."

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