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Officials to contemplate reasons behind Rampura flyover collapse

Officials to contemplate reasons behind Rampura flyover collapse

Gurugram: A day after the Rampura flyover tragedy, discussions and contemplations have now begun of what was the main reason behind the fiasco.

The flyover had been given a guarantee of fifty years but broke-off after just two years of functioning.

Many activists claim that this is a case of corruption where substandard materials were being used. It has also been highlighted that in order to hasten the process of opening the flyover, most of the basic process of the construction were flawed.

Facing flak over the entire incident, the public officials have as of now refused to comment on the matter. They have sought time of five days to rectify the crack.

The construction of the Rampura Flyover began in late 2013 during the previous government's regime.

The massive crack in new flyovers is not the only one reported. Recently, there were cracks witnessed on two occasions at the Hero Chowk flyover on National


Taking cognisance of the danger that these cracks pose to the commuters, the NHAI officials have closed the stretch and begun the maintenance


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