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Of three lakh cases in two years, over 50,000 criminals arrested

NEW DELHI: From the year 2016-17, Delhi Police arrested more than 50,000 criminals involved in various kinds of crime cases. In two years, the police also registered more than 3 lakh cases in which only 32 per cent of cases were solved in current years and 24.57 cases were solved in 2016.
Police sources told Millennium Post that in the year 2016, around 1.8 lakh cases were registered in which more than 28,000 accused involved in the different crime were arrested whereas in the year 2017(November 15), 2.04 lakh cases were registered in which more than 26,000 criminals were arrested.
The police data stated that in current year more than 89 per cent of rape cases were solved whereas in 2016 city police worked out 82.98 per cent of cases. More than 9,000 criminals involved in rape and molestation were also nabbed by city police.
Around 76 per cent of cases of molestation were solved in 2017 whereas in 2016 percentage remained 65.64. More than 85 per cent of cases related to the heinous crime were solved by city police in the year 2017, in the year 2016, it was only 68.98 per cent.
On the other hand, Delhi Police solved more than 30 per cent of non-heinous crime in the current year and 22.69 percent in 2016 where more than 1,900 accused were nabbed for an attempt to murder.
In 2017, 87.44 percent of murder cases were solved by city police and 753 accused were arrested until 15 November. In 2016 around 74.89 per cent of murder was solved with the arrest of 835 accused persons.
More than 600 accused were arrested for kidnapping whereas more than 200 persons were nabbed for their involvement in the abduction. In previous year 274 persons and in 2017 around 155 accused were nabbed for extortion.
With respect to auto thefts, in 2016, around 5,069 persons were arrested, whereas 4,768 persons were nabbed in 2017.
More than 4,000 accused involved in snatching were nabbed by city police in 2016 whereas in 2017 the figure of arrest was more than 5,000. In the year 2016 around 4,968 accused involved in the robbery were nabbed whereas 3,806 were nabbed in the current year.
In 16 per cent of motor vehicle theft was solved in the current year whereas in 2016 the working out percentage was 11.58 per cent. More than 4,000 persons were arrested in excise act cases whereas more than 700 nabbed in NDPS Act.
More than 50 per cent cases of snatching were solved in current year. On the other hand, 28.09 per cent cases of burglary were solved.
Around 23 percent of cases of house theft were solved. In two years more than 1,500 cases of the fatal incident were reported in which 46.76 per cent (2016) and 49.88 per cent (2017) were solved.
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