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Observe 'clean Diwali green', Delhi Govt appeals to citizens

NEW DELHI: Delhi government's environment department appealed to the residents of Delhi to celebrate an environment-friendly festival of lights and spread awareness against firecrackers, as part of Clean Diwali- Green Diwali.
"Diwali is the festival of lights and diyas and we should all restrain from bursting fire-crackers, which only contribute to air as well as noise pollution," said Delhi Environment Minister Imran Hussain.
The minister appealed that everyone should follow the guidelines of Supreme Court regarding firecrackers and also the Graded Response Action Plan.
"Though the sale of fire-crackers has been banned by the Hon'ble Supreme Court, still every citizen of Delhi has to ensure that fire-crackers are not burst," said Hussain. The minister reminded that anyone caught to sell or buy firecrackers would be penalised by the government.
The government has formed different teams who are raiding markets along with the police to ensure the ban on crackers. The Delhi government is also monitoring the air quality of Delhi and approached the Delhi Pollution Control Committee to stay alert so that in an emergency situation they can work accordingly. The minister also said that there should be no burning of garbages in the city and directed the agencies to monitor the landfills.
In an attempt to curb the use of firecrackers, the environment department along with education department has already started campaigning in the government-run schools.
"We are getting very good response from the students. The students have also shared their stories of Asthma and other diseases which increase for pollution," said an official. The government has also approached the citizens to wear masks to avoid the effect of the pollution.

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