Now, gene-specific treatment based on saliva samples

Now, gene-specific treatment based on saliva samples

New Delhi: In a major breakthrough in homeopathic treatment, a private hospital in the Capital has introduced gene-targetted homeopathy therapy – a revolutionary first time treatment method in the country that will discover the health risks in individuals by analysing their saliva sample.

Dr Sandeep Saxena, CEO, Dr Batra Healthcare Group. said that the new method is "genetically personalised homeopathic care", which involves designing a treatment based on individual genome sequencing.

"It combines personality and genetics for scientific and targeted treatment. It is a personalised treatment, as no two people on this planet have the same genes," Dr Saxena said.

The genes of every person is as unique as their fingerprint or iris. Therefore, unlike conventional treatments currently in practice, which are one size-fits-all, with genotherapy, no two patients with even the same medical condition will be given same medicines.

"Medicines will be prescribed to patients based on their genetic make-up, and will be as unique as every individual, so that the medicines work more effectively for every patient," Dr Saxena added.

Genotherapy goes to the root of the problem, right to the patient's genes, and treats it with precise and unique homeopathic medicines.

As the root cause of the medical problem is treated, the patients will not only get relief from unpleasant symptoms but a long-lasting cure for their medical condition.

The test will also help patients know whether they are at risk of getting a medical disorder in the future. This would mean that it the hidden risk of a medical problem can be assessed even before its symptoms appear or the blood tests reveal an underlying illness.

"It will, therefore, give patients an opportunity to prevent and treat lifestyle diseases," the healthcare group said in a statement.

Dr Batra's Multi-Specialty Homeopathy Clinics will also create a bank of patients' genomic data, called Geno-Homeopathy Bank.

This genomic data will be used to predict which treatment option is likely to be most effective for patients or how they are likely to respond to any treatment in the future.

It will also help derive better treatment results for other patients, as the test will help the doctors treat the associated complaints of a particular disorder.

"It will help them analyse which homeopathic medicines best suit a particular genetic make-up or how patients with a particular disorder are prone to any other health complication – for example, a patient with a skin problem called psoriasis, is prone to have diabetes. With this every patient will have a chance for better and faster healing," Dr Saxena said.

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