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Now, Delhiites can change Doorstep Delivery timing till 24 hours before scheduled time

Now, Delhiites can change Doorstep Delivery timing till 24 hours before scheduled time

NEW DELHI: In the Doorstep delivery of services scheme, the citizens can now change the timing until 24 hours prior to schedule. This timing is for the visit of the government officials to collect the paper and do paper works by coming to the client's house. Earlier, at the time of fixing the appointment over the phone the time was scheduled and there was no scope to change that time. "But if the officials come to the house and do not get anyone then the government would penalise the client for Rs 50.

From now on 24 hours before the scheduled meeting the client will receive a confirmation call from the Delhi government and if needed the timing of the meeting can be changed," said an official. He added that there were observations that there should be a chance for the clients to change the time of the meeting as per their need and the government agreed to the point.

Sources said that the company that is running the project, VFS Global Services Private Limited would also make changes in the IT setup to give more speedy delivery of the services. The number of "Mobile Sahayaka" who do the whole work of going to the house with necessary documents and fill everything for the people, would also increase in the coming days. "It is a new concept of the governance and we have received a positive response on the scheme. There are various aspects which could be developed and we would do that step by step," said an official.

The official added that from revamping the scheme to the call centre, the AAP government would keep developing the aspects of the scheme. "Every month we are holding an interdepartmental meeting and making reports of the complaints, suggestion and listing the possibilities. We are submitting the reports to the minister concerned. Its an ongoing process and we are learning every day," the official added.

In the first phase, the AAP government has launched 30 services such as caste certificate, driving licence, ration card, birth certificate, marriage certificate, water connection at the doorstep of Delhiites. According to the Public Grievance Monitoring System (PGMS), till now nearly 8.33 lakh calls have been received and 1,20,885 calls were entertained by various departments. It is pertinent to mention that Delhi residents can dial 1076 to place a request for doorstep delivery of services which will be provided from 8 am to 10 pm. However, the call centre, set up to facilitate delivery of services, will function round the clock.

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