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Now, DCW's 'Rape Roko' campaign spreads to US cities

New Delhi: The 'Rape Roko' campaign, initiated by the Delhi Commission for Women (DCW), has spread to different parts of the globe, with Indians residing in US cities supporting the movement.
The campaign was launched in the wake of the rape of an eight-month-old girl by her 27-year-old cousing in the national Capital last month.
The movement was launched to urge the Centre to set up a mechanism to ensure that rapists of children are given death penalty within six months, so that adequate deterrence is created against sexual crimes.
"The campaign has become international now. Many people across the world are coming out voluntarily to support this campaign. People across the world can be seen holding placards of 'Rape Roko' campaign," said a DCW official.
Many people from across the world have expressed their support to the campaign, running signature campaigns in cities across the world and spreading awareness through social media and at the ground.
People in Dallas, San Francisco and other cities across the US have conducted the signature campaign and called their friends and relatives in India to seek support for the campaign and sign the letter to be sent to the Prime Minister.
DCW chief Swati Jai Hind said, "I am overwhelmed to receive such an enormous response from across the world to support the cause. It is the battle of every person and everyone must support this. We request every one, whether living in India or abroad, to sign the petition to the Prime Minister and spread the movement."
The Commission has collected around 70,000 letters to be sent to the Prime Minister, demanding exemplary punishments to the rapists of children within six months of the act.
Moreover, each day, over four nukkad nataks are organised by the campaign in various parts of Delhi.
Several volunteer teams in the Capital also interact with men, women and children, urging them to break the culture of silence on rape.
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