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Noida homebuyers protest against govt, authority

Noida: Protesting against the false promises made to them, scores of homebuyers from various housing projects across Noida and Greater Noida staged a demonstration on Sunday against the government and authority alleging that they have always favoured the builders and have neglected their interest.
The protest was led under the banner of Noida Extension Flat Owner's Main Association (NEFOMA).
The homebuyers gathered at Noida Sector 15 Metro Station and followed a road march to the Sector 16 Metro Station holding placards and raising slogans.
The homebuyers demanded the government to look into the matter seriously and instruct banks to stop EMI till they get their flats.
"We flat buyers have double burden of paying rent as well as EMI. Looking at the present condition, it seems like we are paying for our hopeless dreams," said a homebuyer.
Annu Khan, Co-founder, NEFOMA, said, "Inspite of Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath's tireless efforts, lakhs of flat buyers are not getting any relaxation from builders due to which they are cavalcading on roads because of their little control over this situation."
Further, addressing to CM, Annu Khan said, "You are the king of our territory and we are your subjects, who else other than you will listen to our plea. And it is very unfortunate if builders or authority officers are defying you. For us, you need to take strict actions against them. Where the money had vanished, if buyers have made 95 percent of payment to builders. In order to throw light on this issue, you need to call a meeting of bank, builders and authority officers."
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