Noida cop goes out of way to help stranded women

Noida cop goes out of way to help stranded women

Noida (UP): A Noida Traffic policeman went out of his way to help a woman and her daughter, stranded on a lonely road here at night, after their car's tyres got punctured.

Constable Deepak Kumar (30) got a mechanic to have the punctures in both the rear tyres fixed and even offered a spare kept in his vehicle.

When it was found that only one of the punctured rear tyres could be repaired, and the spare wheel in the woman's car could not be used, he gave the spare from his vehicle.

Kumar, later, escorted the women till their locality in Greater Noida, ensuring their safety.

In a letter to the Traffic Police, retired Army officer V P Sharma conveyed his gratitude to the policeman, thanking him for helping his daughter and granddaughter, who got stranded while returning to Greater Noida after visiting him at a hospital.

Colonel (retd) Sharma said he was hospitalised in Noida after a minor surgery when his daughter (46) and granddaughter (21) visited to see him on October 6.

They left for Greater Noida around 8 pm but after around 15 minutes they lost their way and landed up on a lonely road with many potholes, he said, adding that his granddaughter who was driving the car realised that the vehicle was "not going straight".

"She stopped the car, got down and noticed that both the rear wheels had punctures. They were scared and stood by the side of the vehicle. A number of people passed by but no one stopped," Sharma said in a letter to the Traffic Police.



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